1. Cycling can reverse early type 2 diabetes
  2. Cycling causes fat burning
  3. Cycling reduces stress
  4. Cycling improves the flow of blood
  5. Cycling offers brain protection
  6. Cycling is good for weight loss
  7. Cycling is good for the condition
  8. Cycling helps build muscle
  9. Cycling improves resistance
  10. Cycling prevents vitamin D deficiency

These are ten reasons that explain why cycling is so healthy. Type 2 diabetes often arises from being overweight and cycling can reverse the process. Regular cycling of longer distances causes fat burning. Cycling for half an hour every day is enough to keep fat burning going. Getting on a bicycle also ensures that by moving the body and mind have the opportunity to relax, so that stress is reduced.

Furthermore, moving on the bicycle ensures that the blood flows better through the body. The waste products are therefore better removed and the risk of blood vessels clogging is reduced. Cycling also ensures that the brain receives protection and that is due to active physical exercise.

By starting to cycle, the condition will improve every time. With regular cycling, the movement has a positive effect on the condition and longer distances can be cycled. Different muscle groups are used in cycling and so there will also be muscle development. Exercising in the open air is good for improving resistance and if you take the bike every day, it certainly prevents a lack of vitamin D. Don’t have a bike yet? Take a look at these cheap transport bikes .

A common complaint with intensive cycling is saddle pain. Read these tips to avoid saddle pain.

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