Pain in the buttocks while sitting on the bike is called saddle pain and prevention is of course better than cure. It can be incredibly annoying if the saddle pain develops while cycling, but you still have to cycle longer. This pain is especially common in cyclists, but can of course also relate to touring cyclists.

Incidentally, anyone can be confronted with pain in the buttocks while cycling. This is a very logical consequence of cycling itself, because the sitting bones constantly exert pressure on the skin. If the bicycle continues to pedal, it is doubly frustrating.

Tips for saddle pain

Saddle pain can be related to a saddle that is not properly adjusted to the seat. Weight also influences the development of saddle pain, just as the cycling position and the setting of the bicycle can play a role. The first point that can be done to prevent pain while sitting on the bicycle is to check the bicycle position. The saddle and handlebar must also be properly adjusted. If not helpful, it is advisable to purchase a new saddle against saddle pain.

  • Check cycling position
  • Adjust the saddle and handlebars properly
  • Buy a saddle against saddle pain

The best cycling position for pain in the seat is a slightly bent over position. In that case, the body weight does not rest completely on the saddle. In this bent-over position, part of the body weight is carried by the hands on the handlebars. The slightly bent over posture should not be confused with a deep posture such as on a racing bike.

With regard to the adjustment of the saddle and the handlebars, the saddle must be placed in a position where the leg does not have to be fully extended, but is just slightly bent. At the ideal saddle height, the ground can still be touched with the foot, while support is found with the toes. The ideal position of the steering wheel is personal. With a shallower seat, the handlebars should be adjusted a bit higher. In addition to saddle pain, do you also suffer from a half-working brake? Read more about adjusting the brake bike. 

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